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Revit® Drawings

Charlotte Pipe’s Revit drawings can be downloaded to work in Revit MEP or can be viewed from our website. These objects are parametric and contain data that is useful to engineers and contractors, such as URL links directly to the specifications for the product, technical and installation manuals as well a direct link to our website.

Download single products using the "Division" and "Material Group" options below. If you need a complete line of Charlotte Pipe Products, they have been grouped for download and are available below the Individual Search.

*Please see the bottom of this page for instructions on using these objects.

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Grouped Drawings

    2010  [31MB zip]       2010  [18MB zip]
    2011  [98MB zip]       2011  [60MB zip]
    2012  [95MB zip]       2012  [71MB zip]
    2013  [103MB zip]       2013  [61MB zip]
    2014  [103MB zip]       2014  [61MB zip]
    2015  [98MB zip]       2015  [56MB zip]
    2016  [100MB zip]       2016  [91MB zip]
    2017  [35MB zip]       2017  [92MB zip]
    2010  [12MB zip]       2010  [153MB zip]
    2011  [48MB zip]       2011  [153MB zip]
    2012  [33MB zip]       2012  [152MB zip]
    2013  [50MB zip]       2013  [153MB zip]
    2014  [50MB zip]       2014  [147MB zip]
    2015  [45MB zip]       2015  [151MB zip]
    2016  [10MB zip]       2016  [156MB zip]
    2017  [3MB zip]       2017  [146MB zip]
    2010  [77MB zip]    
    2011  [268MB zip]       2011  [4MB zip]
    2012  [291MB zip]       2012  [4MB zip]
    2013  [282MB zip]       2015  [4MB zip]
    2014  [318MB zip]       2016  [4MB zip]
    2015  [299MB zip]       2017  [1MB zip]
    2016  [299MB zip]    
    2017  [300MB zip]    
    2018  [8MB zip]    
    2010  [46MB zip]       2010  [17MB zip]
    2011  [124MB zip]       2011  [45MB zip]
    2012  [119MB zip]       2012  [43MB zip]
    2013  [129MB zip]       2013  [46MB zip]
    2014  [121MB zip]       2014  [45MB zip]
    2015  [115MB zip]       2015  [38MB zip]
    2016  [114MB zip]       2016  [38MB zip]
    2017  [116MB zip]       2017  [14MB zip]

Questions? Please download the Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company Read Me File below for additional help.

PDF CPF Read Me File [835k pdf]

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

For over a century, Charlotte Pipe has been manufacturing pipe and fittings, employing more than 1,400 loyal, hard-working Americans. All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

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One of the added benefits of using Charlotte Pipe is the many resources we provide. Our Customer Service and Technical Support associates are available to answer your product, technical and/or installation questions.

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