Charlotte Pipe Creates ABS Plus, the Best of Two Plastic Plumbing Systems

CHARLOTTE, NC – January 1, 2012 – Charlotte Pipe’s newest development in DWV pipe combines ABS and PVC, creating the first of its kind, ABS Plus. ABS Plus is a coextruded composite pipe that uses ABS for the inner and outer skins and a grey PVC foam core.

This is great news for ABS customers who have become accustomed to the light weight, single-step solvent cementing and overall ease of installation of ABS. They now get these benefits, along with the greater stiffness associated with PVC. This makes ABS Plus less susceptible to bowing, provides a more true fall and ensures better performance in buried applications. Also, since ABS Plus uses the same ABS fittings as traditional ABS pipe, there is no need to dual inventory DWV fittings.

ABS Plus is manufactured to ASTM F 1488 and is listed with NSF International and IAPMO. Because ASTM F 1488 is referenced in both the Uniform Plumbing Code and the International Plumbing Code, ABS Plus is code-compliant, so contractors can install it now without any concerns

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