Charlotte Pipe has been in business since 1901, and the quality of our plumbing products has a lot to do with that. We manufacture the industry’s broadest range of standard and specialty DWV products. And we make both cast iron and plastic pipe and fittings. All products manufactured by Charlotte Pipe are proudly made in the USA and meet applicable ASTM and NSF standards.


Our Certifications

Along with ASTM standards and NSF listings, Charlotte Pipe products have received the following certifications: CISPI, ISO 9001:2015, ICC-ES PMG Listing 1082, and ICC-ES PMG Listing 1083.

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Cast Iron DWV Pipe/Fittings System

for drain, waste, and vent applications

FlowGuard Gold® EcoTec CPVC Pipe

for pressure applications

*Note: Refer only to English-language technical information and literature for applications in the United States. Foreign-language literature is not for use in the United States.

*Nota: Para aplicaciones dentro de los Estados Unidos refiérase únicamente a la información y literatura en idioma inglés. La literatura en lengua extranjera no es para su uso dentro de los Estados Unidos.



For more information, our international sales team can be reached via the information below or at (011) (704) 348-6450.


One of the added benefits of using Charlotte Pipe is the many resources we provide. Our Customer Service and Technical Support associates are available to answer your product, technical, and/or installation questions.