Charlotte Pipe's New Tech Tools App

CHARLOTTE, NC – October 1, 2013 – Charlotte Pipe has created Tech Tools, an app for mobile devices that provides simple, on-the-go tools for the plumbing industry. The first tools are an expansion and contraction calculator and a temperature de-rating calculator.

The expansion and contraction calculator provides general direction in expansion loop, offset or change of direction design, to account for the effects of expansion and contraction in both PVC and CPVC systems.

This is important because plastic piping systems will expand and contract four to five times more than metallic systems. A number of factors, including temperature differential, length of pipe run and the coefficient of linear expansion influence how much the system will expand and contract.

The temperature de-rating calculator allows users to calculate the operating pressure of PVC and CPVC piping systems as the operating temperature increases above 73° F. Using basic application parameters, the calculator displays the maximum operating pressure of both PVC and CPVC systems at a given temperature.

As part of its mission to provide resources to the plumbing industry, Charlotte Pipe will continue to add tools ideal for plumbing engineers, contractors, architects and other industry professionals.

The app can be downloaded at: 

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