Compression Gaskets: Service & Extra Heavy

ASTM C564:

Specification for rubber gaskets for cast iron soil pipe and fittings


This specification covers performed rubber gaskets used to seal joints in cast iron soil pipe and fittings.


Compression gaskets are intended for DWV systems and are used to join cast iron soil pipe that has a bell and spigot (hub pipe). It is a molded one-piece gasket made of an elastomer (generally rubber or neoprene).


  • Cast Iron Drain, Waste, Vent/Sewer/Drainage – Short-Form Specs
    Cast Iron Soil Pipe
  • Cast Iron Drain, Waste, Vent/Sewer/Storm – Long-Form Specs
    Compression Gaskets
  • Cast Iron Technical Manual
  • Cast Iron Brochure
  • Cast Iron Dimensional Catalog
  • Important Safety Information


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